Saturday, March 28, 2009

Back To Square One

In my earlier blog posted, February 27, 2009 blog, Suffering Economy Hurts Book Sales, I talked about the overall decline in book sales, and more specifically how a publisher considering my vampire novel was putting new acquisitions on hold until summer. Unfortunately, I -- and other authors currently with this particular publisher have received word that, basically, new books will not be placed under contract at this time.

What does this mean? I need to either begin a search for a new literary agent, or attempt to place the manuscript with another publisher on my own.

This is not news I take personally. The manuscript, I was told, is what they were looking for. They liked it. Publishing it at this time, however, is too risky for them -- financially.

It's a set-back. No doubt.

I have been knocked back down to square-one, but not down and out.

When I think about my writing career, I know I have nothing to complain about. It's never been about money. Never have I expected to hit bestseller lists, or to make it rich writing.

Since 1995, I have sold more than 100 short stories and articles. I have had six novels published, and two books for middle grade readers.

I have been interviewed on TV a few times, numerous radio interviews, and endless print and online interviews. My books have received glowing reviews, and I have had countless best selling authors endorse my work.

With all of that success, how could I ever complain?



Rejection, for whatever reason, comes with the territory.

What I would like to do is bring all of you along on the journey ... from query letter, proposal, and submission ... as I hunt for a home for my vampire novel, Pulse of Evil.

Sound like fun?

Uh-huh. We'll see.

So. Stop back regularly to check in on the progress as I compile a list of agents and publishers and work toward receiving a contract for publication ...

Have a great day!

Thomas Phillips


Robin Shope said...

I think this is what is happening to most authors these days. Things will turn around soon. You are very talented.

Rose Marie Wolf, Author said...

I've been working on a couple different things, and I'm not considering getting them published until sometime later...I'm always hoping the economy will get better. In the meantime, it doesn't hurt to keep writing. Maybe stockpile some works. Then, there will be so many things to work on, it'll be overwhelming...but in a good way.

Good luck.