Friday, February 27, 2009

Suffering Economy Hurts Book Sales

Hello faithful readers!

Not too long ago I posted a blog about my vampire novel, Pulse of Evil. I explained how a publisher was considering it as part of a three book series, and was just waiting for the contract -- certain it was a heartbeat away from being offered.

I received word that all new title acquisitions were on hold until summer. The publisher needs to wait and see how new releases in the winter and spring do before signing on any other new projects.

The good news is, although they gave me the opportunity to shop Pulse of Evil out to other publishers, they asked me if I'd consider waiting. They really liked the manuscript and felt, if sales go well over the next few months with their other titles, they'd be in a better place to talk contract come summer.

I have decided to wait until June and see what happens. Publishing is all about hurry up and wait. I respect, and admire the publisher considering my work. I would love to see my vampire trilogy with them. June is right around the corner. And the way I see it, I can spend the next several months getting the second and thrid manuscripts under way.

The bad news is, if I sign in June, or July, the first book won't be out until June or July '10. That's a long, long ways away, you know?

My current publisher, Whitaker House, is also still considering a suspense/thriller manuscript, as is another publisher for a YA novel I wrote called, Sounds of Silence.

I have many burners in the fire. (Nice cliche, eh?)

Keep checking back. As I get news, I'll be sure to share it.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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