Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Little House on the Prairie v. Friday Night Lights

In seventh grade, once a month we got what was called the "Weekly Reader." In it, among other things, were script portions from upcoming movies and TV shows.

I remember reading a portion of "Little House on the Prairie." This was just before the show made its way to TV. I also remember my seventh grade teacher bashing the show once it aired, saying that people in that time period were not as clean as the show depicted.

I will never forget the night the show was fist shown on television. My dad, a Michael Landon fan, made us watch it. I can remember not wanting to watch it, despite having done a read-along play of it in school. But after watching it, we -- my family -- was hooked.

Every episode was better than the last. And in every episode, as much as I tried to pretend it wasn't happening, I cried. Especially whenever Micheal Landon cried.

It was then, too, that my mother told me if I was going to be a writer, that I needed to be like Michael Landon, and write books that were wholesome, and impacting.

Recently, a dear friend of mine turned me on to a newer TV series. Friday Night Lights. I'd seen the movie. It was all right. Nothing great. Not like "Remember the Titans," or "The Express."

The series, however, contained more.

I registered with hulu.com and started watching Friday Night Lights from the beginning. Season one, episode one.

I am now just about done watching season one. And all I can say is ... Wow.

Not since Little House on the Prairie, have I ever been so emotionally impacted watching TV.

Yes. I love LOST and 24, but Friday Night Lights is ... well, intense.

I am not afraid to admit that every episode, yes, every episode, has brought me to tears.

Does that make me a Sap. It might. It does.

But the passion and intensity of the show is inspiring and impacting. Yes. Impacting.

Many of you may already be fans of the show. Many of you may not.

I love football.

The show is about a Texas high school football team.

Football is a major part of the story, but only as a vehicle. It moves the plot.

I just wanted to take a moment in my blog and compliment the writers of this show for creating a cast of characters, and host of real situations, and putting it all together in a way that ... well, in a way that, as a writer, I can only dream of one day doing ...

Okay. That's my blog.


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Jayne said...

I love your comments and I also love "Friday Night Lights". It is the one show that leaves us wanting more at the end of every episode. We can't wait for the next week to see it again.

Bravo "Friday Night Lights"! Bravo to the writers, the cast and especially Kyle Chandler.

Leave those lights ON...because it is worth it.