Friday, March 6, 2009

Nightmares About the Ex (Part II)

After writing, and re-reading my post (Can Nightmares About the "Ex" Inspire Writing, 3/5/09), I realized I talked a bit about the importance of keeping a journal for both aspiring and established writers, but left out something equally as important.

Writing exercises.

Like the body, the brain needs a work out. I belong to two creative writing groups. One meets on the second Thursday of each month at the Barnes & Noble in Greece, while the other -- one I co-lead with the talented and award winning humor columnist, Joanne Brokaw -- meets on the third Tuesday of each month at the Barnes & Noble in Pittsford.

At these writing groups, we do a variety of warm-up writing exercises. They get the thoughts flowing, and work to help writers get ... in the mood for writing.

My previous blog was about a detailed nightmare I'd had the night before. I explained how I jotted down emotions and information from the dream to use in later writing pieces.

However, I think -- or the more I thought about it -- that writing out the scene with as much detail as possible would serve as a wonderful, independent writing exercise. Being sure to include dialogue, description, and setting.

It is quite possible a nice short story could appear. If anything, it would provide an opportunity to sit and do some writing, especially for the not-so-disciplined writer.

Anyway, I felt like the previous blog was only half written, and wanted to stop by and complete the thought with today's posting.


1. Keep a journal
2. When you have lucid dreams, write them out as a writing exercise

And again, maybe tomorrow I will blog about People Watching. A pastime I enjoy :-)

Thomas Phillips

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