Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Harvest Show (Pt. I)

It was ... maybe a month ago when my publicist contacted me asking if I wanted to appear as a guest author on South Bend, Indiana's The Harvest Show. Apparently, the international show is available to (TV, Radio) over 43 million viewers/listeners across the globe. Without hesitating, I agreed.

On Monday, January 25, 2009, I took an early flight (United Express) out of Rochester, NY to, first, Chicago, and a second flight to South Bend. I love to fly. Not a big fan of flying in winter. Luckily blue, clear skies made up the forecast.

Once in South Bend, I contacted the hotel, The Inn at St. Mary's, where I'd spend the night, for a shuttle from the airport. The driver, a friendly man, shared information about the city as we passed through. He pointed out the Studebaker auto plant and explained that while it used to take up most of the city, recent efforts to tear down old, abandoned buildings was under way in an effort to clean up the overall appearance.

We passed through the small downtown quickly, as I was told that the St. Mary's was across the street from the University of Notre Dame. Unfortunately, it was five degrees outside. And as much as I'd of loved to stroll the campus, the cold was something I'd disliked just a bit more.

The room I stayed in was fantastic. King size bed, sofa, coffee table, desk with internet hookup, large TV with cable ...

But I was hungry. A lot of the places I called had been closed down. The failing economy evident everywhere. I bought Chinese, had it delivered. It was expensive, but I hoped worth it. Again, unfortunately, it was not worth it. The food did not taste good. When I opened the fortune cookie at the end of the meal, the fortune was all right, but -- you know how now they put words in Chinese and then in english on the slips of paper, and then phonetically, so you can learn Chinese words, as well as how to pronounce them? Well, my Chinese word was Beijing. Guess what Beijing is in English? Uh-huh. Beijing. And, you'll love this, it is pronounced the same. Go figure.

Anyway. I made some phone calls home. Let everyone know I was all right, and settled in to watch some TV before falling asleep. Luckily, a new episode of HOUSE and 24 were on. Both were gripping and entertaining episodes.

They kept my mind off the morning, when I had to be up at six, and over to Lesea Studios before 8:20 AM.

Eventually, around midnight, I fell asleep.

(to be continued ... Look for The Harvest Show (Pt. II )

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