Friday, June 27, 2008

FIRST Wild Card Blog Tour

It has been some time since I've blogged. I apologize. I have been busy behind the scenes, in an attempt to make the upcoming release of The Molech Prophecy as successful as possible.

Today, FIRST Wild Card Blog Tours launches blogs about The Molech Prophecy.

That's pretty exciting. This whole thing is possible because a teenager, Caleb, introduced himself to me on Shoutlife. (He is my #3 friend on the site). He said he writes regular book reviews. He wanted to review a copy of The Molech Prophecy. He also went on to contact my publisher. He told them he wanted to manage a blog tour for the book. And he did a fantastic job!

Tuesday, the book is going to be in stores across the country. That feels both amazing, and makes me a bit apprehensive. My dream is being realized. Tough concept to grasp. I'll say it again, see if it sinks in some. My dream is being realized.

Man, that's scary.

On-line purchased shipped to buyers the last few weeks. Which is cool.

I found the book at for $7.19 -- with Free Shipping.

The book sells for just $9.99 anyway. But $7.19??? That's awesome.

Okay -- I don't want this to be rambling.

I have a ton of on-line interviews that should be popping up on the Internet the next few months. And am generating a host of book signings across Western New York and down into PA. Check my websites for dates/times/locations.

Have an awesome weekend all, and be sure to check out the FIRST Wild Card Blog Tour for The Molech Prophecy!

God bless,


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