Thursday, April 10, 2008

Welcome ...

This is my first, official blog.

My name is Thomas Phillips. I am a writer, with a first book due out July 1, 2008. I am anxious, apprehensive, but most of all ... excited!

There is plenty going on. The need to blog is now, suddenly, strong. So ... here I am.

I think this first blog will be kind of bare bones. Facts, and some information. May be dry. But I want to lay down some ground work before doing much else. Seem fair?

My novel, The Molech Prophecy, is about former gang member Tommy Cucinelle, who thought he had left his old life behind when he became a Christian. That's why he's surprised when his pastor asks him to use his old "skills"--finding people who don't want to be found--to locate the church secretary after she mysteriously disappears and the church is vandalized. The police don't have any leads.

Tommy's investigation brings him face-to-face with the unpleasant memories from the past that threaten his new identity, but turmoil is soon the least of his worries. A local Wiccan church is at the heart of the mystery, and Tommy's search uncovers a startling prophecy about child sacrifice to the pagan god Molech. When the missing woman's sister--Tommy's newfound romantic interest--disappears as well, the quest becomes personal.

How does that sound? Good, I hope.

Whitaker House is publishing the book. And I must say, I couldn't be more thrilled. They are an awesome publisher staffed with some highly talented, helpful and caring people. I feel lucky to be a part of their family.

Advance review copies of the book have been mailed out to magazines, e-zines, authors, radio stations and newspapers to gather endorsement blurbs and reviews. So far, it seems, readers are enjoying the story I've told. Here are some endorsements for best selling authors that have made my day:

"A fast-moving and provocative thriller. I enjoyed The Molech Prophecy, and look forward to more from Thomas Phillips." –– James Scott Bell, best-selling author of Try Dying and The Whole Truth

“With a confident debut, Thomas Phillips enters the world of mystery. The Molech Prophecy, like its protagonist, starts off with deceptive simplicity but reveals greater depth with each chapter. Phillips mixes the straightforward style of Brandt Dodson with the evangelistic leanings of Creston Mapes and gives us an inspiring, fast-paced story, set against the spiritual struggle of real life.”--Eric Wilson, author of A Shred of Truth and the upcoming Field of Blood

“The Molech Prophecy is a gripping, heart-pounding read with an incredible plot. Thomas Phillips is a fresh and captivating new voice in Christian fiction.”—Mark Mynheir, homicide detective and author of The Void

I have some book signings, conventions, and radio interviews coming up. I will keep you posted. And I promise to write more, and more intimately in the posts to follow.

If you have questions -- feel free to send me an email.

Take care,


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